e-Learning: "Free" Is Here to Stay

This Friday (Sept. 6th) is the last day for discounted hotel reservations in Kansas City for the Mura Conference where I will be speaking about using Mura (a free tool for creating mobile learning). Don't miss this opportunity!

I've learned over the past 18 months, much to my amusement, that "free" is a bad word in much of the e-Learning community. Free tools, technologies and courses have grown from a metaphorical snowball into an avalanche over the past decade. It started with the Internet and free browsers. Now we have free learning technology tools and courses. I have rarely paid for anything related to e-Learning in the past decade. Here are examples of what I mean by free:

Mura CMS/Railo Server/ YouTube/SoundCloud/MOOCs/ NetTUTS+/Audacity/iMovie/iBooks Author

Please add your own favorites to this small list that I use to create great e-Learning. If some of these concepts and tools are unfamiliar to you that's because free has one problem: no advertising dollars. FREE is dependent upon word of mouth and you hunting it down. Does free mean lesser quality? No, but it means you have to work harder to find it.

So I recommed the e-Learning industry quit worrying about getting sucked into the snakeoil salesman mystique surrounding the word "FREE." Free is good; free is quality; free does not need to be intimidating or threatening to someone's job. Most importantly, when you understand the evolution of technology, of which e-Learning belongs, free is here to stay.

I hope you will join us in Kansas City to find out why.