iBooks Author: Using Stories in Mobile Learning

I had not used an off-the-shelf tool for many years when I ran into iBooks Author. iBooks Author creates multi-touch books for the iPad (and soon the Mac) for distribution via the iBooks store. You and I know multi-touch books by their other name: we call it e-Learning. iBooks Author looks like a desktop publishing layout tool but adds all the good stuff we like in courses: interactions, audio, video and the Internet (via an HTML widget).

So here is a math equation:

A multi-touch iBook + the IPad =??

Did you get it? Yes, the answer is Mobile Learning.

At DevLearn 2013 in Las Vegas, I will be discussing how to add stories to your mobile learning by using iBooks Author. Please join me at the Mobile Learning Stage at 1:00 p.m., Thursday, October 24th. If you come up to me after the session and tell me this article drove you to my session, I will be happy to have you join me for dinner that evening. I'll even buy you a drink. (That's what we call burying the lead!)